Sabato accuses Webb of plagiarism

As chronicled in this week's cover story, UVA politics professor Larry Sabato told MSNBC's Chris Matthews in September that he knew Senator George Allen used "the n-word" when the two were classmates at UVA but later admitted he himself never heard the word cross Allen's lips. Many took it as a sign that Sabato was showing his cards and no longer an objective analyst. But now Sabato alleges that Allen's Democratic opponent Jim Webb is not without his own sin– specifically, that he plagiarized another author in his 1999 novel The Emperor's General.

In a November 1 National Review Online article, Ramesh Ponnuru compares passages of The Emperor's General with David Bergamini's 1971 book Japan's Imperial Conspiracy. When Ponnuru showed Sabato the 17 passages in question, he told Ponnuru, "There are some passages that were lifted, that’s just obvious," adding, "It could have been taken care of with one line in the author’s note. Even in fiction you have to acknowledge an intellectual debt."



Okay, so Allen's a cad, and Webb's a thief. Is there some rah-rah railroad lady named Gail I can vote for?

Oy Vey! say goodnight, Gracie...

Sabato's a little late to try and seem fair. He should have never inserted himself in to the election like that. If he didn't hear Allen say anything he should have had his friends talk to reporters.This is different the other politicans becasue they went to school at the same time making it seem like eyewitness an account. If he remeber it from the time he went to school agian that would be different. What he did is hearsay (I know this isn't court) and I expect more from him.
I would condem people if that said bad things about Sabato (like repeating an rumours about Sabato dating a student or his sexual orientation) that have nothing to do with his ability to teachor talk about politics. That would be equally as heinous.

I think Sabato doesn't like Allen, never has.