Stark handcuffed at Allen rally


Today, blogger and UVA first year law student Mike Stark yet again confronted Senator George Allen at a campaign rally and yet again somebody hit the deck. Only this time, Stark was the one allegedly getting physical, leading Augusta County sheriff’s deputies to put him in handcuffs and haul him off to jail, the Associated Press reports.

At a stop at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, Stark approached the senator asking questions about his 1974 arrest records and why Allen didn’t do more to stop the altercation that broke out when Stark confronted Allen at the Omni Hotel on Tuesday. He purportedly did so this time under the auspices of Air America Radio’s “The Young Turks” radio program. In Stark’s attempt to get around the human wall of staffers between himself and Allen, he allegedly knocked over an Allen supporter. This prompted a sheriff’s deputy to grab Stark by the arm and lead him away.

While being escorted out of the room, the AP quotes Stark as telling the deputies, “I’ll own this town.” He was detained and then released without being charged. Stark tells the AP that the Allen supporter with whom he made contact “took a dive.” The Allen supporter  in question refused to speak to reporters.



Allen supporters could respond by going to Webb appearances and using signs, flyers, and shouting if necessary to peacefully ask Webb tough policy questions. If they ask the right questions, that might show up both Webb's policies as well as Stark's smear attempts.

True - it's not possible to prove intent with the deer head. So let's forget the deer head. Why not - clearly George has. That means it never happened.

But there's still George's Macaca moment, which is far more relevant becuase it's far more recent and recorded on videotape to prevent cloudy memories from making the event suspect. That was overtly racist, and his protestations to the contrary come off as just ridiculous. And there's still his outright denial of ever having used the "N" word, which doesn't pass any reasonable giggle test. I mean come on - Robert Byrd admits to having been in the freaking KKK, and has renounced it as something he wishes he had never done. He has apologized. Would it have been so hard for George to admit far less serious transgressions in his youth? He could have made it a non issue.

Instead, in classic GOP fashion, he denies any human failings - maybe because he sees them as defects when he sees them in others. He certainly has an "us vs. them" mentality, and the last thing he wants people to think is that he's one of "them." Somebody once said that a conservative is simply a liberal who's never needed a second chance. Rather fitting in this case.

You can call him whatever you want, but if something walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and smells like a duck, odds are pretty good it's a duck.

Allen has had ample opportunity to campaign on the issues. His problem is he's on the wrong side of most of them. He's dead wrong on Iraq, he's wrong on women's rights, he's wrong on human rights, and he's totally in lockstep with the worst and most unpopular president in the history of our country. We are getting our ass whipped by a ragtag team of insurgents in Iraq, and George is with the other George in wanting to "stay the course." That's not a plan, it's an utter failure.

George Allen has gone negative right away in EVERY SINGLE CAMPAIGN HE'S EVER RUN. Every damn one. It's what he does - it's his character. He used to live here you know, and belonged to an organization I was in, and I can assure you of two things: He's not the brightest bulb in the marquee, and he's a stone cold asshole - I don't know anybody who can top him when it comes to being a jerk.

Webb's smear attempts? You mean the one where he points out that Allen votes with Bush 96% of the time? If the truth is a smear, so be it. Or perhaps you mean the smear Webb initiated by packing his son up and sending him off to Iraq? A smear is picking out passages of books Webb wrote that are - sit down for this - REQUIRED READING AT THE UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY and that have - sit down for this, too - been highly acclaimed by wild-eyed liberals like John McCain and John Warner.

You sure you want to talk policy? I didn't think so.

Allen might still win - it's going to be very close, and typically people who have racist tendencies respond to polls in support of the non-racist because of their shame, but pull the lever for the redneck when push comes to shove and nobody's watching. And God knows there are plenty of people in southern and southwestern VA who have bright red necks. Fortunately, there are quite a few more people in Northern VA and Tidewater now.

One good thing has come out of this campaign without a doubt. Win or lose, Georgie has topped out. He'll never be considered a serious presidential candidate now, and America is a better country right away just becasue of that.

yeah, good idea, lets call anyone who doesn't vote for your guy a redneck. That will show them. But I thought we the people are suppose to go out and vote. Michael Moore fights his cause with the injust by getting people out there to vote. And yet, when they do and they don't vote your way lets belittle them by calling them REDNECKS. So now I guess we are suppose to have some type of test for the next elections. Check here if you ain't redneck and will vote liberal. Okay you pass. If you are redneck, sorry sir, we need to take away your right to vote. We feel that we are here for the poor like yourself but you have given up your right as an american because sir you are white trash. We know what is good for you. Dammit, you don't. You are racist! You don't like gays! You believe in God! And you are poor with your kids being sent to Iraq because they can't go to college. YET you the redneck should have your right to vote ELIMATE because you don't understand any of the issues. You only vote one way.

Is anyone here with me? I say we should have testing for elections. If you look like white trash, then dammit you shouldn't be able to vote.

I never said or implied that everybody who votes for Allen is a redneck. What I said is that the rednecks will vote for him because they think he's one of them (he isn't, as you damn well know). Allen has done enough to get the message out there that he is or was a racist, and they can relate to that because they are or were racist. Nobody can deny the answer to this question is George Allen: "Of the two candidates, which one is more likely to take a position that will reflect a racist perspective?" That's a no-brainer. People can say what they want about Webb, but nobody has claimed that he ever put a deer head in an African American's mailbox, and he has never referred to anybody as "Macaca." Yes, Allen has made it clear that he stands with the racist.

But your response is typical - focus on the one inflammatory element of a message and harp on that. It sure beats talking about the issues, doesn't it?

The funniest thing in this campaign is Allen's claim that Webb will raise taxes if he's elected. If George had ever read the Constitution, he'd know that nobody can raise taxes unless the president signs the bill. So is Allen claiming that if the Democrats send Bush a bill to raise taxes, he's standing ready to sign it into law? Interesting. Not that Allen thinks that, because even he isn't that stupid, but that he is confident that enough voters will buy that crap.

but nobody has claimed that he ever put a deer head in an African American's mailbox
Claiming makes it so? No evidence to this at all

Uh...nice try. Ever heard of Google (Allen has, but since he has taken a position AGAINST Net Neutrality and in favor of the Time-Warners, Comcasts, and AT&Ts of the world he probably doesn't like Google)? Pretty hard to hide the truth these days:

A former college football teammate of Sen. George Allen's has confirmed details of a controversial hunting trip in the early 1970s, during which Allen is alleged to have placed a severed deer head in a mailbox that he believed to be owned by a black family.

On Sunday, Ken Shelton, a former teammate of Allen's who works as a radiologist in North Carolina, claimed that Allen asked after a hunting trip for directions to a neighborhood populated by black residents. Shelton said Allen then drove him and another teammate, Billy Lanahan, to the area and put the severed head of a deer they had killed into a mailbox.

George Beam, a nuclear engineering company manager who lives outside Lynchburg, Va., now says he can confirm parts of that story. Beam, who played football with Allen, said he remembers Lanahan, who is now deceased, describing the hunting trip with Allen and Shelton.

One person's recollection consistutes a rumor. Two constitutes evidence, and those are only the ones willing to give their names. Several who wish to remain anonymous have confirmed the story.

so why didn't we impeach him while he was in office if he is a member of the KKK?

that he believed to be owned by a black family.
Wait, no one knows whose mailbox it really went in . No police report was ever found . For this to be a racial incident Allen would have had to KNOW it was a black family. With out that knowledge (if it true) this would simply be a prank and have ZERO racial implications. Your own words show that there is no proof that the incident was racially inspired, no matter how bad you want it to be.

The funniest thing in this campaign is Allen's claim that Webb will raise taxes

This a silly thing to say. If Webb goes into the Senate and votes for higher taxes and the President vetos the bill it's accepted fact that Webb (voted) to raise taxes. That is perfectly valid claim and no Ad truth squad would say otherwise.

Several witnesses describe the doe head event in detail, yet Allen denies it ever happened at all. Does he have a really bad memory, or is he a liar? Allen was a white wannabe redneck college kid in Virginia, who kept a Confederate battle flag proudly displayed well into adulthood, and he claims that he NEVER used the "N-word." Do you actually believe that claim? Does he have a really bad memory, or is he a liar (hard to believe he NEVER used the word, and if he were an honest person he could have easily said "yes, I used the word in my youth, but I've grown to know how utterly immature and unacceptable that was - but instead he denied ever having used it, which is unbelievable)? He used a specific word which is a racial slur originating in a part of the world where his mother grew up, he applied it "correctly" to a dark-skinned person, and claims that he "made the word up" and didn't know it was a slur. He just happend to make up the specific word that his mother's culture used to describe the kind of person to whom he directed his made-up word? Does he have a really bad memory, or is he a liar and a racist? And he "welcomed" a native-born American citizen to America.

Allen is a dishonest person, and there are enough words and actions in his far and recent past to legitimately paint him as a racist. But he's a cookie cutter Republican: deny everything, deny it loudly, be absolutely indignant that your own words and actions are being questioned by "the tax and spend cut and run baby-killing un-American immigrant-loving terrorist-appeasing gun-hating not-like-us liberals," and by all means change the damn subject and do it fast. It's so Rovian.

I'm no Allen fan, but I do predict that Stark's 15 minutes are almost up.

He was quoted as saying, "I'll own this town."

The comment speaks vloumes about his intentions. Reporter? Not likely. Professional gadfly, more likely. Maybe he's just looking to stir up a problem swo he can instigate a suit and make a few bucks.

So you can't prove the deer head was racial, that's fine. Just because he probably used the "n" word means he stuffed a deer head in a black families mailbox BECAUSE they were black, not proven. Remember if you can't prove they KNEW it was a black families house then it can't be a racial incident, stupid sure but the facts don't support your claim. The other things you discussed are at least based in facts.

Calling someone a racist is a stain that doesn't come off. Is it really to much to ask that you prove it beyond a resonable doubt with respect to the deer head?