Allen appears doomed by Richmond

With each passing update of statewide vote counts, Virginia localities turn in their tallies– most of them anyway. Richmond is holding its votes.

Almost all Virginia counties have reported all their precinct voting, but in the City of Richmond, only two-thirds of precincts have reported, according to the Associated Press. At this moment, AP dispatches reveal that just 44 of Richmond's 66 precincts have reported their votes in the Senate race. With Richmond running 72 percent for Jim Webb to just 26 percent for George Allen, those unreported votes in Richmond could throw the race into Webb's camp.

Combine that with missing precincts in the Webb strongholds of Charlottesville, Fairfax, and Norfolk, and Webb could soon find himself on his way to Washington.

There's a missing precinct in possibly Allen-favoring Waynesboro, Prince Edward, and Harrisonburg, but those are smaller localities with slimmer margins for Allen.

Allen's lead has been trimmed to 6,000 votes out of over two million cast. This is gonna be an election where absentee ballots could be the deciding factor.


Midnight update: Webb takes the lead after Norfolk finally handed over its last precinct. With much of Richmond still out, Webb will only strengthen his position as the night wears on.


12:35am update: Richmond coughed up its votes, the AP misunderstood Charlottesville, and Webb leads by just over 2,000 votes.

The AP misundersood our town by expecting nine precincts, but according to the city's website, there are only eight, so there is no non-reporting precinct in Charlottesville to push votes to Webb. One other little shocker: Allen got only 42 percent of the vote in Albemarle, a county he used to represent in the General Assembly and later in Congress.



Allen is already threatening a recount, according to several news reports. By law, he is entitled. And the staskes for the GOP are certainly as high as ever in our lifetime.

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