HookCast for November 9, 2006

Mind For Murder, Real Estate bubble, Redskins kicker

MIND FOR MURDER: She's good enough for CourtTV & NBC, but is that good enough?
Noreen Renier may be America's leading crime-solving psychic. For 30-plus years , the Free Union resident has used her psychic powers to find bodies and finger suspects, including wife-killer Scott Peterson, with startling accuracy. Still, some claim she's a fraud with a genius for self-promotion. Is her special talent real? Read Vijith Assar's profile of the psychic sleuth.


Bubble trouble?: Real estate market slowing
According to the latest stats, Charlottesville's real estate market has definitely cooled. Gone are the days of the quick flip for a handsome profit. But has the bubble burst? Courteney Stuart asks the experts.

Kickin' it: Novak believes in second chances
Hook reporter Lindsay Barnes was on the sidelines when Redskins kicker, and former Albemarle High standout, Nick Novak, kicked a game-winning 47-yard field goal, with zero seconds on the clock, to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Re-live the moment in this week's HotSeat!


"Ordinary" reborn: New Nelson museum goes beyond John Boy
Four years ago, The Walton's creator Earl Hamner split with the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, which had become a mecca for Waltons fans. Now the County wants to open a new museum sans Earl and the Waltons. But can tiny Nelson County support two museums? Lisa Provence reports on the brouhaha.
• Activist Mohammed Yahya on stopping the genocide in Darfur
* County Office Building celebrates 25 years
* Beebe's trial looms
• Troubled Adelphia becomes Comcast