Semper fi, meet super fab

If all goes as planned, our Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan will be getting a helping hand from an unexpected source back home: Charlottesville's own Club 216.

In a press release, the dance club says it has launched a drive to send care packages to Marines. "Some of us may not support the war, but we all support the troops," the e-mail reads. The club plans to send new white socks and boxer shorts size 30 to 36. "They don't get to take showers as often as they'd like," the release explains. "They wear their socks and underwear a few days, and if they have spares, they toss the dirty ones rather than trying to get them washed."

The club is also planning to send reading material. "What they would like are news magazines like Newsweek, Time, U.S. News & World Report, magazines on sports, hunting , wrestling, racing, also STRAIGHT porn." Then, taking a moment to address one element of the club's demographic, the e-mail continues, "Gay guys– We know...too bad, but we can fantasize!"

Anyone who wants to join Club 216's efforts to help the troops should bring their supplies to the club on Water Street.



Good for Club 216! Let the boys have their fantasies. If they're doing good deeds for the troops, who cares? Everyone should help them make this project a rousing success. Buying some sox and boxers for kids facing the dangers our troops live with every minute is a good way to show our concern for them. Everyone should rush over to Water Street with supplies to add to the packages.

It would definitely help if you've added handi-wipes (baby wipes, towelettes, etc...) to ship, since we still take hygene very seriously on a daily basis, and these suffice 'till we discard our 'skivvies. S/F-D/D.