Save 30 seats– Leitao lures Farrakhan to UVA

Mustapha Farrakhan, a highly recruited Illinois prep basketball player and grandson of controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, announced yesterday that he has signed a letter of intent with UVA coach Dave Leitao, who used to coach at Chicago-area DePaul University. The 6'3" guard recently told the New York Times that when his grandfather visits one of his basketball games, he arrives with a sizable entourage. “Everybody knows when he comes into the gym,” the Cavalier-to-be told the Times. “He’s with about 30 people, and they take up a whole section in the stands.”

The Times notes that in addition to making incendiary remarks about Jews, the elder Farrakhan has a history of energetic violin playing. "I want to attack basketball," Mustapha Farrakhan tells the Times, "the way my grandpa attacks the violin."



Does that me the team will wear bowties whenthey travel?

They're from UVA - don't they already wear bowties when they travel?