HookCast for November 16, 2006

Is Charlottesville the Little Apple?, Beebe plea could bring new indictments, Sheriff added to sexual assault suit

I [heart] Charlottesville: Is our town the Little Apple?
This week, we ask has Charlottesville taken a turn for the north? With ever-more exotic restaurants and shops, new residents from around the world, and a decided voting tilt to the left, we're looking more and more like a certain big, mid-atlantic city. Courteney Stuart has the story.


Bombshell: Beebe pleads, investigation continues
Ten months after he was arrested and charged with raping a fellow UVA student more than 20 years ago, 41-year-old William Nottingham Beebe entered Charlottesville Circuit Court on Tuesday November 14 and pled guilty to a lesser charge of aggravated sexual assault. The surprise? The investigation isn't over says Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Claude Worrell and other sexual assault allegedly took place at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity that night.

Politics unusual: Small players had big impact
Peggy Fox and Ken Shelton are no shrinking violets. One is an Emmy winning TV journalist, the other was a star tight end for the UVA football team. Even so, in any other year, they wouldn't have become national headline fodder. But that's just what they became after some of the stranger turns in the bizarre Senate race between George Allen and Jim Webb.


Deputy denial: Sheriff added to sexual assault suit
Tracey Banks figures her situation is similar to that of many other women who have been sexually assaulted. A man with a gun came into her house when she was alone and allegedly forced sex on her. The difference between Banks and other victims? Banks' alleged assailant was a Buckingham County sheriff.

• Hoops and hopes soar at the first games in John Paul Jones Arena
* Veteran political reporter Bob Gibson has the tables turned on him in the HotSeat
* A profile of Dr. Joann Pinkerton of the UVA Midlife Health Center
• Steve Warren calls Casino Royale the best Bond movie yet

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