HookCast for November 22, 2006

The Holiday Survival Guide, The end of 10-4, CarMax muscles in on Pantops

That's right, you read correctly. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week's issue hits newsstands a day early this week. Our regular Thursday releases will resume next week.

The Holiday Survival Guide
Each November and December, an ever growing chorus sings the same refrain: "The holidays have gotten too commercial!" But luckily for us we live in a town rich in holiday traditions that, by and large, don't require spending a dime. So flex your vocal cords for singing, sharpen your saw for cutting a tree, and check out all the wonders our area has to offer at this "most wonderful time of the year."


10-7: Cop-speak out of service
Generations raised on cop shows who thrilled to the patter of a "10-4" may soon find 10-code lingo only in reruns. On November 1, the Virginia State Police moved toward a new method of communication: English. The problem with the 10-codes? Too many of them mean different things in different jurisdictions.

Renier slapped: Judge sides with psychic's foe
After more than two decades of bickering, Free Union and former Hook cover subject Noreen Renier and Seattle skeptic John Merrell are about to either resolve their differences– or start squabbling anew with an unprecedented vigor. On November 16, federal judge James Robart handed down a summary judgment supporting Merrell's allegations that Renier had violated a 1992 settlement agreement in suing Merrell for Libel in the 1980s.


Dueling superstores: CarMax in showdown on Pantops
What's in a name? If you're a locally owned business trading as The Auto Superstore and CarMax: The Auto Superstore is moving in right across the street from you, there's a whole lot in it– or riding on it. The battle between the two used car dealerships is heating up.

• Famous Ruckersville Christmas lights display goes dark
* Dave Matthews talks building in our own On Architecture column
* Techies and EBay sellers camp out at Best Buy for the new PlayStation3
• Steve Musulin creates finds a calling in art after a tragic accident