HookCast for December 7, 2006

Why are we here?, pagan worshippers, hair dye allergies


Why Are We Here?: Charlottesville responds
People have wondered for eons about the meaning of existence. While we didn't attempt to answer that one this week, we did ask local residents why they chose to exist here in Charlottesville. Seems like everyone has a unique story about what brought them here. What's yours?


Pagan holiday: flier policy inspires non-Christians
The County school board recently approved backpack mailings for non-profits, and ALL religions. Now pagan worshippers are throwing their fliers into the mix. Believing the group was promoting "witchcraft and magic," concerned parents asked school officials to stop the mailings. But the worshippers say they have a the right to distribute the fliers. Lisa Provence has the story.
Nearly dyeing: Hair-job fells co-ed
UVA student Sara Gilliam proves that blonds really do have more fun...if the co-ed hadn't decided to have her golden locks dyed brown, she wouldn't have landed in the hospital. A rare allergic reaction to the dye that hairdressers use put Gilliam in the hospital for four days! Courtney Stuart has the story on this hair-raising experience.


Better enough?: Developer steamed by BAR ruling
The Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review recently turned down a design for a two-story CVS on the corner of West Main and Ridge/Ridge McIntire, and the Richmond-based developer isn't happy about it. He says the BAR doesn't understand economics, and is controlling to process too much. However, the BAR members say they weren't about to approve such an uninspired design.


Skins Kicker Novak gets nixed

Robert DeMauri on the HotSeat

John Whitehead calls on churches to speak truth to power

And writer Sarah Honenberger's career takes off in our Facetime.