Capshaw, JPJ nominated for industry awards

As if more evidence were needed that Charlottesville is fast becoming a live music hub, two local institutions have been nominated for industry publication Pollstar's Concert Industry Awards. This morning, perennial contender Coran Capshaw got a nod for Personal Manager of the Year for his work with the Dave Matthews Band, and John Paul Jones Arena is up for Best New Major Concert Venue.

The JPJ's is the first time a Charlottesville venue has been nominated for a Concert Industry Award. Its fellow nominees are the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel, New York and the Sears Centre in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates.

Capshaw is no stranger to these annual honors. This is his eighth nomination; he won the same award in 1998, 2003, and 2004. He will face off against fellow artist managers John Silva (Beastie Boys, Beck, Foo Fighters), Bob McLynn (Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco), Jordan Kurland (Death Cab For Cutie), Pat Magnarella (Green Day), and Paul Korzilius (Bon Jovi). The Bonnaroo Music Festival– an annual big-open-field-fest in Tennessee that Capshaw's MusicToday organizes– was nominated for Music Festival of the Year for the fourth time.

Conspicuously absent from this year's nominees is another of Charlottesville's homegrown musical products: the Dave Matthews Band. Despite having toured extensively in 2006 and being long regarded by fans as one of America's great live acts, the DMB has not been nominated for an award by Pollstar since their 1999 nod for Major Tour of the Year, which they won in 1998.



Yawn. Could Capshaw possibly be as bored hearing about himself as the rest of us are? Charlottesville is overdeveloped and overrun. He is a major parto f the problem.

I can't help but think that Capshaw started playing Monopoly with this town a few years before most everyone else realized that the game was on. Time is still shaping Capshaw's legacy but so far I'd have to say that he seems like a benevolent presence around here.

It seems that Capshaw is doing most of his development work in the City - isn't that where we WANT the development to be? He's not building shopping centers in the county. He's not splitting farms into tounhouse neighborhoods. Or are you just in favor of mantaining things as they were twenty years ago? Still lamenting the demise of that parking lot in front of the Omni? Are you wandering from street corner to street corner looking for a newspaper box with the latest edition of The Observor?

I would say, unquestionably, he's part of the solution.

Get your facts right. Musictoday only sells ticket packages to Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo is organized by Superfly Productions and AC Entertainment.

So you're saying this is inaccurate: "MusicToday helps to organize Bonnaroo"

Thanks for pointing out the inaccuracy. We will make sure a finer distinction is made in any future coverage.


Lindsay Barnes
Reporter, Editor
The Hook

Will this award help him get a few more restaurants in town? Perhaps a new cigarette machine on every corner.

Populations grow and cats like Capshaw attempt to at least make the experience interesting and make some dough in the process. If you don't dig it, check out Mars.. Rumor has it water was recently found there. Maybe you can get in on the front end of population growth, rather than the backside.
(this message is being sent by the Earthwise Society for Population Control.. thank you)

Yeah, having national acts, good restaurants and lounges and multiple large and small concert venues in a city of this size really sucks. I sure wish we could go back to the days where Trax was the premier venue, the Mall was full of empty storefronts and we had to drive to Richmond, Nissan or beyond to see a "name" show. Not that I'm a huge fan of all the shows they've booked at the JPJ, but in the span of 18 months to have the Stones, DMB, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, James Brown, Willie Nelson, Clapton and Billy Joel play in Charlottesville doesn't happen without guys like Capshaw around to give this area some legitimacy in the entertainment world.
Maybe you should move to Roanoke and wait for the next tractor pull to hit the Civic Center.

we should all wear t-shirts that read either C is for Charlottesville or Team Capshaw. People so quickly divide when he;s the topic - justified or not. Remember the days when Sam Shepard was our hollywood claim to fame?

all the Capshaw complaints are ignoring the absurdity of JPJ being nominated for an award. have you tried to put even an average-size ass into an upper level seat? quite uncomfortable. and those folks with longer legs are even more pained. and how did the fire department approve the exits? after basketball games it's faster to walk halfway around the arena and come out the main door than to stand in line as a group attempts to descend the steps and leave through the Emmet-area doors. JPJ may be nice for drawing the larger acts but those not donating $25,000 or paying hundreds for a ticket were treated poorly.