Shifflett moved from rehab to jail

Elvis Gene Shifflett, who was shot by Charlottesville police following a manhunt on October 20, has been transfered from UVA's HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital to the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, according to family members.

The 39-year-old Shifflett had been in the custody of jail officials since the night of his shooting. Charlottesville police had served an arrest warrant for his failure to appear in court on domestic abuse charges on October 13, as well as for an alleged confrontation with his ex-girlfriend in the Court Square area, during which he allegedly threatened her with a handgun. According to Albemarle County spokesperson Lee Catlin, County police have not yet filed charges against Shifflett for the events of October 20.

City spokesperson Ric Barrick notes that City police were not in charge of Shifflett's custody/security in the hospital after the arrest warrant was served. Barrick says the difficulty that Shifflett’s family members had in obtaining information and visiting him during his stay in the hospital was likely due to the Jail’s strict policies regarding the custody of prisoners outside the main facility. Now that Shifflett has been moved to the Jail, family members say they have been able to receive letters and regular 15-minute collect phone calls from him.
Shifflett’s sister, who requested that her name not be used, says her brother is now able to talk, but has great difficulty walking. She reports that his legs still feel numb, and that while he can walk a little, “he was not ready to leave UVA Rehab because he is weak and in pain,” she said. She also reports that Shifflett lost 50 pounds while he was in the hospital, and that he recalls everything that happened to him during the manhunt.

As the Daily Progress reported this morning, the State Police investigation into the shooting has been completed, but the results are being withheld. The report has been passed on to Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Camblos, who will decide whether any criminal charges will be filed against the officers and/or Shifflett. Meanwhile, Charlottesville police have begun their own internal investigation of the shooting. Neither Camblos and the City police have released any information contained in the report.