DMB takes Europe

Dave Matthews Band may be one of the biggest touring acts in the nation, but across the pond? Let's just say they don't have quite the draw. The band may be hoping to change that with its 2007 tour. After two weeks in Australia in late March and April, DMB will rest up for a month before heading to Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium. The grand finale: a May 30 performance at famed Wembley Arena in London.

Waldo Jaquith, founder of the award-winning DMB fansite, says the band's last effort at attracting European crowds– for the album Everyday in 2001– was a disaster, after their label attempted a marketing campaign consisting of signs asking, "Who is Dave Matthews?" The problem, Jaquith says: "Nobody cared."

Now that DMB is freed from their Sony/BMG contract outside of the U.S., Jaquith believes the upcoming European tour could mean "they decided that they're ready to take their global promotion into their own hands."

"Last time they were playing clubs," he says, "so Wembley is a big step in the right direction."
Reaching out to new English speaking audiences makes good sense, says Jaquith.

"They've peaked in the U.S.," he says. "How do you get any more popular than the Dave Matthews Band?"

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I agree that they have an uphill struggle here in the Uk. I'm booked to see them play in Oxofrd (solo gig ) and in Wembley. you have to remeber that The UK is predominantly an indie based country , loving everything that looks great but sounds shocking. I for one think that DMb are the best bunch of musicians and songwriters around the World and they desreve to be bigger than all the rest of the band in the UK put together. I hope it catches on, but it is very American sounding , which is not necessarily a good thing in this day and age (i'm afraid).

Still, they infulence me massively and I am a songwriter as well.