Camblos: “There will be no criminal charges filed..”

According to a late afternoon news release, Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Camblos has decided not to file criminal charges against the two Charlottesville police officers involved in the October 20 shooting of Elvis Gene Shifflett, and he has officially closed the investigation. Camblos, who received the results of the Virginia State Police investigation into the shooting only yesterday, said that no charges would be filed against Sgt. M. G. Davis, the Charlottesville officer who shot Shifflett, or against Charlottesville officer J. Morris, who "shot one of the tires of the truck Mr. Shifflett was driving at the time he was shot."


Even I saw this coming.

Me too.

Ahh, come on folks! This new guy the city calls the Chief of Police has said it's not over yet. Give this puppet time to do his little dog and pony show. Then you can be mad. :)

The Virginia State Police investigating this doesn't impress me much. If you recall a while back they investigated 3 county sheriff's deputies for wrongdoing. The initial report said they had done no wrong. But at the insistence of the family involved, a second investigation by the same agency returned a totally different report.

Of course there will be no charges filed, hello Camblios is up for a judges spot. Of course he isn't going to bring chargess against the Ch'ville PD that would cause a negative response from the public he wouldn't want that now would he! Never mind the fact that this person was unarmed and shot not once but at least 4 times. This is a bad message to send to other officers.

It's a shame that nbc29 has done a piece on Anthony Martin, Elvis's nephew who in fact was on the run from the police
last year and resisted arrest, ect ect. Used his step daughter - - not his real daughter to look like a good family man
on the nbc29 news last night.
It seems that the news people should research who they are interviewing. It is a shame to use a little girl to make him
and his family look good. Now the little girl will grow up thinking hey- - being in jail and shootings are a good thing.
Seems all the shifflett men, uncles and newphews think being on the run is a good thing. Seems it runs in the family.
Anthony Martin was on Albermarle Sherrif's department most wanted list last year. The police in Gordonsville caught
up with him, when a Gordonsville citizen called the police on him. He resisted arrest, and tried to hit an officer.
Not much of a back up for Elvis if you ask me.

Can't blame the man for seeking the judgeship. It will enhance his retirement benefits about three fold most likely. There's nothing sweeter than opening the mail each month and having a $10,000 retirement check there smiling at you each month, at the taxpayer's expense. :)

No one said to blame him I'm all for people working hard and being rewarded but where's the justice for the person who's life is forever changed becuase two men decided to play judge, jury, and executioner? What message does that send to officers?

quote: Seems all the shifflett men, uncles and newphews think being on the run is a good thing. Seems it runs in the family.

Nice way to make new friends and influence people. One Shifflett man is a sergeant on the Charlottesville Police Department. One Shifflett man is a Captain at the Universiyt of Virginia Police Department. One Shifflett man is a deputy sheriff with the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office. One Shifflett man was a sworn deputy sheriff in Virginia for 30 years, and successfully sued local cops for wrongdoing in 1997. And also has a current $4 million lawsuit for police wrongdoing pending against the Alexandria Police Department, Charlottesville Police Sergeant Richard Hudson (refiled last month after a nonsuit and depositions), and Charlottesville Sheriff's Captain Mike Baird. The list just goes on and on. Talk about sticking one's foot in their mouth! :)

Obviously they aren't related to Anthony, Elvis and His brother. No one is talking about the Shifflett name only about those 3 individuals.
Awesome that the others are such outstanding citizens. Great for them.

quote: where's the justice for the person who's life is forever changed becuase two men decided to play judge, jury, and executioner?

Welcome to 2007. There's a new phrase out here on the street... "I feared for my life!" And trust me on this, it allows police officers an instant and very solid defense in any critical event. It basically allows police officers to do as they damn well please. example: "I feared for my life! The suspect reached in his pocket and brought something shiny out! I thought it was a gun! You can't convict me of nothing because I feared for my life! HaHaHa!"

I will never forget local a local upstanding and well known Charlottesville businessman labeling the Albemarle County Police Department as "the Gestapo!" Don't ever for one second think he was far off target. At the time they were arresting his son for a crime that didn't even exist on the books, riding a moped without a valid driver's license. And this arrest was taking place SWAT style at 1:00 a.m. in the morning.

And as far as doing as they please, don't ever forget the Greene County deputy sheriff that was arrested for impersonating a Greene County deputy sheriff (what a riot! :) . After they realized they had screwed up big time, they totally ignored "forthwith to the Magistrate" law and kept him in custody for 7 more hours while they tried to find a real crime to charge him with.

The only way any person can get justice in police wrongdoing is to file a lawsuit and let a jury hear the total truth, not just what is printed in newspapers. Just like was recently done in the Gray case, where the police shot and killed an unarmed man. The family finally received a $3.5 million judgement.

Thank you Steve for knowing your Shifflett history!

quote: Thank you Steve for knowing your Shifflett history!

It's not hard in a community this small.

The funniest Shifflett event in recent history was when Alexandria sent a misdemeanor warrant down for a local person who had been a deputy sheriff for 30 years. The warrant claimed he drove up and impersonated a cop in Alexandria at 5:30 a.m. on the coldest day of the year, 12 degrees. What idiot would drive 120 miles in 12 degree weather to play cop, especially when he could have pulled over anybody he wanted to for 30 years? The Charlottesville Police Department sent 3 officers to his home to arrest this person, 2 unforms and one plain clothes. Your tax dollars at work, people getting mugged, kids selling drugs on the street corners, homes being broken into, etc.... and they send 3 cops to arrest a former deputy sheriff with no criminal histotry or history of violence. Must just be the infamous Shifflett name at work. (And for the record, at the trial, also known as a three ring circus, the only police officer the former deputy sheriff issued a subpoena for was not served, and did not appear.)

The suspect was 20ish years old, 5'8", 140 pounds, black hair, no mustache, and Hispanic.

The former deputy was a white male, 53 years old, 5'11", 220 pounds, gray hair, and has had a mustache since the age of 19.

Maybe they sent 3 officers to his house hoping they could gun him down too. It could very well have happened, they parked their cars out of sight and knocked on his door at 10:30 p.m. in dark clothing. The former deputy sheriff's dog alerted while the officers were circling his home in the dark. What if the deputy sheriff had gone outside with a weapon in his hand to protect his family and property? Nice work, Chief Longo! Way to train and supervise your troops on a misdemeanor warrant service! :)

I only hope that Elvis will have at least one person as wise as you in the jury box when this plays out in the court room. Thank you again for sheding light on the "other side" of this story and letting the public know this isn't an isolated incident

In response to Ellen's comments, first of all, you must not know Anthony Martin very well at all. Everybody makes mistakes. He has been in no trouble for the last 11 months. He has turned his life around. As far as him and Elvis, they were very close. In regards, to using his step-daughter and not his REAL daughter. Let me tell you something. Both of those girls are his, has been, and will continue to be. The thought of you saying that the little girl was used to make a family good is preposterous and unheard of. It sounds that maybe somebody has a little bit of jealousy because they weren't asked to be on the news in regards to how they feel about Elvis. And as far as Anthony trying to hit an officer, that never happened. You might want to check your source on that matter.

I hope that Elvis will have 12 WISE ONES like STEVE in the jury box like Anyone who thinks it that it is o.k. to shoot an unarmed man is unbelieveable. Someone like you would bring up Mr. Martin's past because he wanted to say something nice about his uncle. It seems that you have a perfect family so I would like to applause you for that. "Those 3 Shifflett" Well they have family that loves them.

I would like to say that the comment about Anthomy should had been addressed to Ellen and not you. We have not hear Elvis Shifflett's side of the story yet and
I personal don't believe that this officer had a caused to shoot an unarmed
man with over 50 officers, dogs, helicoppers and yet this one officer felt there was need to keep shooting him and the other office shoots at the tire. I' m sorry, but I don't buy their story

Just to clear the air, the previous response was to Ellen who obviously has no idea what she is talking about. Noone has heard Elvis's side of the story as of yet. And where did Anthony's past get brought into it? This is about Elvis and noone else. Obviously, this Ellen person has a problem with Anthony and is using this to vent about it. For one, that is disrespectful to his family and two, it's disrespectful to Elvis. Anthony never asked to be on the news. They contacted him. Him and Elvis were very close at one time. Hopefully, Ellen can sit back and think of what an ass she made of herself on here talking about someone that had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Elvis. If she has a problem with Anthony, then I think she should take it up with Anthony and not abuse this website.