Pursue: A brand for Charlottesville

It's not quite "Virginia is for lovers," but the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiled the fruits of a 22-month, roughly $65,000 branding strategy this morning at a breakfast with the region's movers and shakers.

The slick, new logo is supposed to evoke the domes of the Rotunda and Monticello, and the nearby mountains. Charlottesville is the focus of our new brand, ditching the unwieldiness of including Albemarle in every city/county venture (see convention center name). And by adding Virginia, that will help with brand confusion over which state we're in."Pursue Charlottesville" is the new mantra for the region, and that comes with its own graphic, evocative of Declaration of Independence script. So Jeffersonian.


Hope that wasn't $65,000 of taxpayers' money.

"The slick, new logo is supposed to evoke the domes of the Rotunda and Monticello"

Actually, doesn't it sort of evoke the logo of a 1970s-era Cadillac....

"Pursue Charlottesville"? Exactly where does the Bureau think it's going?!

That's in North Carolina, right?

"Pursue Charlottesville"? That sounds like what a police dispatcher tells a squad car.

Maybe they're subliminally trying to get people to open their purses? Oof.

The typesetting leaves much to be desired.


Could use a little judicious kerning.

I wish we'd spend money on getting Charlottesville OFF the radar.

Now we all know where the creative genius in Virginia resides. Silly moi, I thought it was the fashionable West End of Richmond.