Richmond music critics: Charlottesville shows rock!

harp27H.jpgAs you may have noticed, every magazine or newspaper you pick up this week is running their ââ?¬Ë?06 almanac issue. The news, the people, the trends, and the events that shaped another year past. Of course, The Hook is no exception. However, imagine our surprise as we browsed Richmond-based Style Weekly’s ââ?¬Ë?06 music round-up, only to discover that it’s all about Charlottesville...well, sort of.

Style Weekly asked its regular music critics to pick their top five albums, favorite single, and favorite Virginia live performance for the year. While their artist choices traversed the musical landscape, the venues for Virginia live performances were awfully familiar.

As SW’s music editors put it, "To the capital city’s shame, nearly every favorite live show occurred in Charlottesville. But don’t think of music critics as pompous windbags, elitists or music snobs. Instead, think of them as lovers in a state whose motto welcomes them."

Wow, talk about sour grapes! Indeed, three of SW's four critics chose Charlottesville shows. And so, to this city’s delight (and our snobdom?),we list them here... 

Art Brut at Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville

This show flat-out rocked. The lovable English crew led by charismatic front man Eddie Argos played every song from its acclaimed debut, "Bang Bang Rock & Roll," with electrifying verve for a small crowd that was enraptured throughout. Like a fun pep rally for U.K. alternative rock freaks.–- Brent Baldwin

Dungen at Satellite Ballroom, Charlottesville

These kids from Sweden are a time-machine-as-band, evoking perfectly the hazy psychedelia in full flower as the ’60s came to a close. Their terrifically catchy songs and leader (and Robert Plant clone) Gustav Ejstes’ crazy instrumental chops – soloing on guitar, flute, Fender Rhodes and percussion – elevate them beyond a nostalgia act.–Mark Richardson

Neko Case at Starr Hill Music Hall, Charlottesville

Flanked by a handful of brilliant musicians on a tiny stage, Neko Case and Kelly Hogan mesmerized the sold-out crowd with hearty vocals and well-timed comic relief. If you’ve never heard Neko recount stories of cutting bubble gum out of her dog’s hair on the tour bus or other roadside adventures, you are missing out.–Hilary Langford


What about James Brown at the Pavilion? Or James Taylor at John Paul Jones? DMB? Disney on Ice?

Homer....seems to me you're missing the point. SW editors had to choose what they thought were the best live performances across the state...3 out of four chose live shows in Virginia. Perhaps they did see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, the Derek Trucks Band, and Hot Tuna. The point is...we seem to have a great live music scene in this town...proven by the fact that Richmond-based music critics couldn't find shows they liked in their own city!

Do those darn Style people drive up here to see this stuff? Shouldn't the Hook be attending these sophisticated cultural events?

Too bad they missed Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, the Derek Trucks Band, and Hot Tuna.

Ah, they didn't miss anything...they had to pick their favorite live performance in Virginia. Really, did you people even read the post?

Yeah. Changes nothing. Too bad they missed Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, the Derek Trucks Band, and Hot Tuna. And it's also too bad they went to press with the best shows of the year before the Charlottesville Blues Allstars reunion tonight.

Indeed. The Silver Jews embarked on their first, and possibly only, tour ever this year and stopped at our own Satellite Ballroom. Hurrah!

Maybe Satellite Ballroom should move to Richmond where the press & community appreciate (& cover) what they are doing...
Art Brut, Dungen both got Zero coverage in the Hook...
The Silver Jews review was consolidated with a Mute Math Review...??? What?
Clear Channel venues got no trouble getting good press in Charlottesville...