Tea Bazaar to open in Staunton

Coming soon to Staunton: an assortment of delicious beverages and an unbridled passion for eclectic indie rock.

Well, maybe slightly bridled. Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar founder Matteus Frankovich says that the satellite location he's fixin' to open on the far side of the mountain will feature much less live music than its Charlottesville counterpart. Instead, he intends to resume his pursuit of the epicurean mission that initially led him to set up shop on the eastern end of the downtown mall in 2002.

"The place that I'm doing over there will be more tea-centric, devoted to the tea arts," he says. It will also feature a sake selection and a revolving set of decor and furnishings.

Frankovich has spent two and a half months working on converting the space, which is located in the Stonewall Jackson School on West Beverley Street, and he hopes to launch by the end of January. "I'm doing it all myself, the construction and everything," he says. "We built [the Charlottesville location] ourselves; when we came in, it was all office cubicles."

He also forsees a symbiosis between the Staunton tea house and other downtown businesses. Immediate neighbors include massage therapists and a yoga and dance studio.

"The basic idea is for the clientele to cross-pollinate," he explains.

The new tea house doesn't yet have a name, though Frankovich says that it will be a "Tea Bazaar" of some sort, since that is the legal name of the business.

"It might divulge a more poetic name as its personality emerges," he says.


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Didn't the Hook once call Staunton the new Charlottesville?