But it’s TJ’s Koran!

The latest in the flap over Representative Virgil Goode's controversial remarks about the Koran is that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, has obtained a Koran owned by Thomas Jefferson for his swearing-in tomorrow, according to the Washington Post's "Reliable Source" Column.

Goode, who represents Charlottesville and parts south of here in the Fifth Congressional District, enraged many in late December by blasting the idea of taking an oath of office on the Koran and seemed to be disparaging Muslim immigration in general. Yet the holy book that Ellison, elected by Minnesota voters in November, is borrowing from the Library of Congress for his January 4 ceremony has, as the Post puts it, "an unassailably all-American provenance."

This copy of the Koran was once part of Jefferson's personal collection– "a savvy bit of political symbolism," says the Post. Alas, no comment from Goode, who hasn't withdrawn or apologized for his remarks, which were delivered in a letter to a constituent.



Well, I guess that Virgil's Southern Constituents will be satisifed. He has to make sure they get out and vote to quell his opposition in Charlottesville after all! One thought, Why is it that the Muslim Congressman-Elect refuses to use a Bible? I thought that Muslims used the Bible as well as the Koran. Just a thought.

If I was getting sworn in I would use a $1 bill. This country is all about money. Go with reality.

I guess Goode would have considered TJ a terrorist. Oh well. So Very Virginia (oh wait...I mean Pursue Charlottesville).

Goode is a db.

Since Islam was founded in the 7th Century, it gained legitimacy by claiming the authority of the Bible (aka the Torah and the Evangel or as we know them the Old and New Testaments). However, to perpetuate their own religion, Islamic leaders claimed that the Bible of which they gained their legitimacy had been corrupted by the Jews and Christians in the last 600 years prior to Islam's founding. I believe if you do the research, you will find that the oldest scripts that have been discovered of the Bible go back to the 1st and 2nd century and the oldest of the Koran go back to the 10th or 11th century. Let me see... a document which was written within 80 years of the original is corrupted, but the Koran is perfect just as it had been reported in the 7th century by copies from the 10th and 11th century? that's 300 to 400 years after it was written. No one who was around could have witnessed the original! Okay, so let's see which one has more legitimacy to a reasonable person...

Stop fightin' ya'll. GOT NEWS for you...'Pubs & 'Crats alike are misinformed and shall we say provincial? Why, a well-known C'Ville 'Crat once stated to me, in person and direct, that he/she "hated all Muslims." This was a good person who has contributed much to our C'Ville. Go figure. Point is, this is TJ land and our new Congressman Keith Ellison used TJ's Koran. Let's celebrate the spiritual diversity our Founding Father promoted and stop biotch-slappin' each other.