HookCast for January 4, 2007

New all-male Field School, Gilmore for prez, remembering Slate Hill Phil

You've got male: New school says boys will be...separate
"Something is happening where boys are getting the message 'School is not for you.'" At least that's according to Todd Barnett, founder of the all-new, all-boys Field School getting ready to open its doors in the fall. At a time when many question the effectiveness of single-sex education and so many schools are going co-ed, can the Field's combination of new ideas and old school gender segregation work? Courteney Stuart hits the books.

Long shot: Sabato doesn't like Gilmore's odds in '08
With former governor Mark Warner bowing out in October and Senator George Allen losing his seat in November, it seemed as though the 2008 presidential campaign would come and go without an entrant from Virginia. But just as the race is about to begin, former governor Jim Gilmore is now lacing up his shoes and says he intends to run for president. What does he have to do to make it in an ever-crowding field? UVA prof and America's pundit Larry Sabato weighs in with us.

Farewell, Phil: Music scene mourns Slate Hill Boy
The Charlottesville music scene is mourning one of its own, a young man who died two days before Christmas after helping shape the local country blues and bluegrass scenes: Phillip Allen Gianniny, aka "Slate Hill Phil." Gianniny, a former member of both the Hogwaller Ramblers and the Hackensaw Boys, was found dead in his grandmother's home on the morning of December 23. His friends remember the man and the music.

Revolving door: '02 CHS attacker nets 10 felony charges
Five years ago, when a band of Charlottesville High School students went on a rampage against white and Asian UVA students, there were some who urged calm, arguing that the perpetrators were young and able to clean up their act. For at least one, however, that didn't happen. Since beating up students in early 2002 when he was a football player at CHS, now 22-year-old Vernon Howard has maintained a lengthy, but mostly nonviolent rap sheet. That changed December 16, when he allegedly fired a couple of rounds into a car in downtown Culpeper.

• Virgil Goode's office gets a visit from a particularly skilled vandal
* NBC 29 forecaster Norm Sprouse weathers our HotSeat
* The Hardware Store Restaurant closes its Downtown Mall doors
* The lap of largesse that is the forthcoming apartment complex called The Woodlands


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I heard about Keith Ellison this morning on the BBC and last night on NPR. That guy is getting some LOVIN on the radio. Wonder what Virgil's getting? Embarrassed?