Monster trucks at JPJ Arena– BE THERE!!!

The timbers are going to shiver at UVA's new John Paul Jones Arena when monster trucks roll onto the floor March 9 and 10 at 7:30pm. Tickets for the Monster Jam go on sale January 5 and range from $8 to $20.

More than six gigantic trucks are promised to "rock and roar" into the arena, and fans can get up close to the automotive beasts in the pit before the Saturday, March 10, show.

The Augusta Expoland in Fishersville has been the traditional site for monster trucks in this neck of the woods. General manager Judy Armstrong says she isn't worried about the competition, and plans to see the show at the Jack.

"Ours is outside in the summer," she points out. "Inside, it's going to be different. Better bring your earplugs."

Earplugs will be available for $1 at the arena– but beer will not be sold. Monster trucks will be back in Fishersville July 27-28.


No booze at a monster truck show? Are they also going to ban guns? What is this world coming to?

Not only is there no booze, but a monster truck show on the sixth day of the week? Whatever happened to "SUNDAY!!, SUNDAY!!, SUNDAAAAAAY!!!!!"