Let’s play…name that park!

In November, the Hook reported on the City's plan to build a walking and biking trail/park/sculpture garden on a vacant swath of land along McIntire Road, Schenck's Branch creek, and the Recycling Center. As you may have noticed, the trail is complete, the sculptures are in place, and dirt mounds are ready to accommodate the shrubs, flowers, and trees that will be planted in the spring.

According to City Park & Trail planner Chris Gensic, it's the first step in beautifying the McIntire Road entrance to the Downtown Mall, and another addition to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. Eventually, says Gensic, the County, which owns the land beyond the Recycling Center and the Lane baseball field, will complete the picture with its own trail and beautifying effort.

Meanwhile, the City is running a contest to name the new park. Now, before you get any ideas, like naming it Walking Park to Nowhere (the trail is currently a dead end at both ends, pending the County's addition, and the completion of the Meadowcreek Parkway) or Recycler's Way, know that the city is suggesting it relate to the historic, natural, and cultural aspects of the land. As the November Hook article related, Schenck'e Branch creek was adopted six years ago by The Living Education Center, whose students and teachers have led an effort to clean and monitor the neglected stream, which is on the State's impaired waterways list. Reviving neglected creek, downtown entrance way, recycling center, sculptures and garden....these are the themes you have to work with people!

Send your ideas to Chris Gensic at the Parks & Recreation Department by February 28, 2007. Call 970-3656, email at gensic@charlottesville.org, or mail your entries to New C-Ville Park, Pen Park Road, Charlottesville, VA. 22902

The winner will unveil the sign with the new name at a dedication ceremony in April.


Smithers Park!

How about Coran Crescent?

Somebody tell the writers at The Colbert Report! Let's rally the Colbert Nation around getting something else named after Stephen!

Let the eagle soar! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Why does anyone even need to think about it? The Dave Matthews Park. Dave is all that matters.

Lewis & Clark Practice Trail