New Sheffield book remembers Renee

Former Charlottesville-based rock critic Rob Sheffield is still mourning. And understandably so. On May 11, 1997, his wife, Renee Crist, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.

Her death left one Charlottesville weekly newspaper without its music critic, and Sheffield– although he shouldered on– was cast into a pool of pain and sadness. In a new memoir, he recounts that sadness, as well as the glory days when the young couple were struggling with various freelancing gigs and making mix tape after mix tape.

The memoir is entitled Love Is a Mix Tape, and it has just been reviewed in the L.A. Times. One thing that shines through is a love unended.

"I still feel like everyone should be jealous of me," Sheffield told Charlottesville reporter Nicole Truxell in 1999. "I still feel like I'm the luckiest person I know."



Isn't this the guy who writes of about Bob Dylan and lots of other good stuff in Rolling Stone?

i don't know, but i just finished the book, and it's fantastic. everyone who's ever lost someone should definitely read this.