Bomb threat locks down Albemarle High

County Police swarmed Albemarle High School today as the school went into a 50-minute lock down around 12:21pm following a phoned in bomb threat. No bomb was found.

According to a release, the caller said there was someone in front of the school with a bomb. Within minutes, school officials locked down the school and called County police. After police removed the school from lock down at around 1:10pm, principal Matt Haas decided to put the school on modified lock down, during which no students were allowed to leave the campus. Haas kept the school on modified lockdown until 2:05pm, at which time the school returned to its normal schedule.

"Our students and staff took today's lock down seriously and everyone was highly cooperative," said Haas in a statement. "The safety drills we do regularly prepared us well for the incident we experienced today. It went as smoothly as it could."

County police say they are working to identify the caller. Making such a threat is a felony crime. If the caller turns out to be a Albemarle High student, the school division would conduct its own investigation and hand out its own discipline, including expulsion. The incident comes on the heels of the fallout from last year's alleged school bomb plot, during which three County school students were arrested and held for months.



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