Tim Reynolds Comes Home Again, Again

Tim Reynolds

Just a few months after his last show at Starr Hill, madcap guitar whiz Tim Reynolds has announced that he will be swinging through town yet again this coming spring.

Reynolds was a Monday night fixture at Miller's and served as Charlottesville's resident guitar hero through the early Dave Matthews Band era up until his move to New Mexico in 1997, where he has since spent his time making adventurous records that teeter on the edge of public consciousness. A 1999 duo album with Matthews showcased Reynolds' abilities by entrusting him with the duty of fleshing out acoustic versions of DMB tunes as well as by featuring a blistering performance of his original composition "Stream." As he told the Hook the last time he visited, he was subsequently offered record contracts by labels who wanted him to tap a lighter pop market, but he ultimately decided to find his own artistic path even if it meant limiting his commercial potential. Nevertheless, he has continued to collaborate with DMB through all their mainstream success.

Last summer's show had locals and longtime friends Soko in the opening slot, but there's currently no sign of an opener listed on Starr Hill's page for the show. The April 3rd performance is filed under Starr Hill's "listening room" series, in which audience members are seated and thus relatively sedate, so it's likely to contain precious few of Reynolds' occasional heavy metal freak-outs.

Tickets are $14 for those who use the Hook's breaking news blog to stay one step ahead, and will be $16 for those who wait until the last minute.


Do I have to show my computer records to get the discounted $14 rate?

In your interview from last July, he says he wanted "experimental noise." But what about that experimental diaper he once wore on a local stage-- how does that fit in?

I heard the opener might possibly be Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun, but i still don't see anything on their site either.