DMB meets BitTorrent

Leading DMB fan site has decided to add their own spin to the growing field of online music distribution. To commemorate their fifth anniversary, the site recently installed a "tracker" for the popular file sharing protocol BitTorrent which gives DMB fans a centralized web location from which to download recent live performances from the band.

BitTorrent is one of the more recent peer-to-peer file sharing frameworks and is a staggeringly efficient way to distribute large files... such as high-resolution copies of epic-length DMB live sets.

In keeping with the community spirit of the DMB tape-trading scene, the "tracker" is used to distribute small "torrent" files which don't actually contain the music, but instead direct the computers that run them to download the music from other fans. BitTorrent is used quite heavily for illegal downloads, with some estimates suggesting that it's responsible for up to a third of all internet traffic, but the site is unique both because it is used only for DMB material and because it is completely legal. is one of the two largest DMB fan collectives, the other being the award-winning site run by Charlottesville web maestro and DMB fan Waldo Jaquith. It remains to be seen whether will counter with a similar offering.



Maybe DMB is new to sanctioned BitTorrenting, but their shows have been torrented for about as long as there have been torrents.

It remains to be seen whether will counter with a similar offering.

Nope. I can't see why we'd do that if Ants Marching is doing a decent job of it, as it appears they are. We've never provided any sort of service to aid in downloading, other than a trading discussion board where people work out trades one-on-one.

All bow down to DMB and Waldo. Lords of C-Ville.

AntsMarching isn't really breaking any ground. There's been a DMB dedicated tracker for quite some time at I just took a look at their stats:

"We currently have 24,914 users. 2,890 people are currently connected --- We'll make the best of what's around"