24 Out-FOXed

kiefersutherland.jpgJack Bauer might have been searching for nukes on last night's two-hour episode of 24 but some area viewers were going nuclear when the show cut off three-quarters of the way through part two of the series premiere, leaving nothing but static on their screens.

"We were off for about half an hour," says Joe Dort, business manager for the Charlottesville Newsplex, parent company of three local stations including the local FOX affiliate, WAHU channel 27. Dort says engineers are working to figure out what caused the problem, which affected Dish customers and those watching broadcast television. Comcast customers were able to see the show uninterrupted.

"We're working together still to figure out what went wrong," says Dort. "We don't want to have the same problem again."


Re: commecials
Definitely cringe worthy. That oh-so-coy, urbanite made me "see red," and not in the cute way they intended.

Does this mean some poor viewer might have missed out on some of those awesome new Hook commercials? And by awesome I mean Worst. Commercials. Ever.

SOOOO WRONG. I specifically switched from DirecTV to Dish Network to avoid any isses with weather, etc for the shows that I'm addicted to and to come home after a late dinner and have 30+ minutes missing from my recorded program.......

I really felt wronged, esp. after learning that Comcast had no problem and that is 'cable'.....

If they had started the show at the point of technical difficulty, I would have been alright, but to simply remove the 30mins of the show was just BAD..

-upset in charlottesville.....