HookCast for January 18, 2007

Radio heads doing it for free, Grisham suit goes forward, New state song?

Radio heads: Locals succumb to the call of the airwaves
They usually don't do drive time. They don't get paid. Sometimes, in the wee hours, they wonder if anyone is even listening. Yet hundreds of locals do radio on their own nickels, and without them, the local airwaves would sound very different indeed. All of WTJU's DJs are volunteers, and after 7pm, so are WNRN's. So who are these devotees of the dial? Lisa Provence tunes them in.
The defendant: Supreme Court okays Grisham suit
One of Charlottesville's longest legal dramas breathed new life when the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled 6 to 1 that an Albemarle County Court judge erroneously dismissed Katharine Almy's lawsuit against mega-selling author John Grisham and Allan and Donna Swanson. That January 12 decision allows Almy to go back to court more than six years after she first filed suit. What's the next chapter in this neverending saga?

Precedent setting: Supreme Court denies parents' appeal
In a second high profile ruling last week, the Supreme Court of Virginia rejected George and Lisa Robinson's arguments that Albemarle police Sergeant Scott Cox's warrantless search of their backyard, where they were hosting their son's 16th birthday party in 2002, was unconstitutional. Unlike some other teen parties in this area, nobody was killed or injured as a result of this booze-fest. Now, the U.S. Supreme Court is their only option for appeal.


Carried back: Two new tunes revive state song debate
Ten years after "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia" was relegated to "State Song Emeritus" status for lyrics about "my old darky" and "massa," and eight years since the process to select its replacement stalled, two bills backing two different songs have been introduced into the House of Delegates to settle the issue once and for all. But what's to become of those eight finalists from 1999? Log onto readthehook.com/podcasts to hear what the fuss is about.

• Waldo Jaquith unveils a new website to keep tabs on the General Assembly
* Why did Monday's 24 premiere end more than a few ticks early on the local FOX affiliate?
* What's next for the Downtown Mall fountains?
* What a couple of Maniacs are doing at Gravity Lounge sans Natalie Merchant