Controversial UVA-tested vaccine could became law

A Newport News delegate has introduced a bill that would add a cervical cancer vaccine tested at UVA to the battery of immunizations Virginia's schoolgirls receive. According to a story in this morning's Virginian-Pilot, Delegate Phillip Hamilton, R-Newport News, has introduced HB1914, a bill that would add the human papillomavirus vaccine to the array of "required" vaccines but allow dissenting parents to opt out their daughters.

The vaccine is controversial because, administered as a battery of three shots to middle-schoolers, it protects against a sexually transmitted disease.

You can track the bill's status here.

Pictured here: UVA pathologist Mark Stoler, who wants a conversation with every parent in America.
file photo by lauren brooks



Good God - reminds me of Nazi Germany - we have no information regarding the real long term side efects - how dare they try and make it mandatory - many doctors do NOT give their children the other mandatory shots. Another attempt to have control over women's bodies. Oy!

While I think it's a good idea to get the vaccine (and I would get it for my daughters) the state has no business telling anyone who must have it.