This week’s “Botched Robbery Award…”

...goes to one 52-year old Randolph W. Coleman, who was arrested by Albemarle County Police on Thursday for attempting to rob the Stop-In service station on Richmond Road, according to a release.

Coleman made his first mistake by walking into the store armed with a pipe. When Coleman demanded money, the clerk on duty refused, saying he had already called the police. Coleman then left the store and drove away in a white work truck.

Coleman's second mistake was driving back to the store, where police officers were out front interviewing the clerks. The police attempted to stop Coleman in his truck, but he fled and a chase ensued. Ironically, the chase ended when Coleman crashed his truck into two parked cars at the end of Coleman Court, where he fled on foot and once again eluded police.

Coleman's final mistake was going to the UVA emergency room only a few hours later. Officers arrested him there without incident.

Coleman is being charged with attempted robbery, eluding police, and two counts of hit and run.


Isn't this the second time this week the police have lost their guy during pursuits? The criminals don't sound as stupid as the reports make them out to be. :)

Steve, I think it's obvious we're dealing with a stupid 52-year-old criminal. OK? If he gets away, maybe it means the cops were not as bright as he was. It in no way means the criminal was smart.