Welcome back, Chris Daughtry

An American Idol finalist is coming back near his old stomping grounds, and the Daughtryphilic Daily Progress, which penned many loving stories last year, is the first to notice that the Fluvanna County High School student turned American Idol heart-throbber will be performing at Starr Hill on April 14th.

Daughtry may have caught the attention of Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest during the audition phase, but it was his performance as a finalist that really got things rolling: his rendition of Fuel's 2000 megahit "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" during the course of the show shot up the iTunes charts in subsequent weeks, simultaneously buoying sales of the original.

Life imitated art – specifically, Mark Wahlberg's 2001 rags-to-roadies film "Rock Star" – when the vapid corporate rockers subsequently offered him the lead singer slot vacated by the recent departure of founding member Brett Scallions.

Daughtry declined, electing instead to start his own eponymous band. It seems to have worked; Daughtry's self-titled debut debut album reached #2 on the Billboard Top 200 in December, and is still holding on to the top slot on the Rock Albums chart.

Tickets to the show are $20. Daughtry's parents must be ecstatic that their son now commands such an impressive point on the range of Starr Hill prices, but the rest of us will just have to grin and bear it when they go on sale on Friday the 26th.