20 bands ready to rumble

Charlottesville's online Battle of the Bands has 20 bands signed up right now. "That's the exact number we decided would determine success," says Leah Woody, the business consultant at the Hook, who designed the contest with officials from Snocap, the online music company founded by Napster creator Shawn Fanning.

Most of the bands' online "stores" can be found on our www.readthehook.com/snocap page. "It is very easy to buy a song from a band that you want to support," Woody explains. "You just sign up, and it links to your paypal account, if you have one, and charges you the amount they have set for each song.

"At this point there is no clear front runner," says Woody, "so if you want to support local musicians and their chance to win, buy a download."