Leroi Moore and Nas collaborate

It looks like DMB may have developed a taste for hip-hop. After working with decidedly urban producer Mark Batson on the last album, Stand Up, Dave & Co. teamed up with the absurdly retro MCs of Jurassic 5 last summer, appearing as featured guests on the song "Work It Out" from J5's latest album, "Feedback."

Time spent in the studio since the 2005 release of Stand Up has reportedly included more work with Batson, which should come as no surprise to readers who remember violinist Boyd Tinsley's enthusiastic appraisal of his work in his 2005 interview with The Hook.

Most recently, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Leroi Moore makes an appearance on the new Nas album, "Hip Hop Is Dead," which was released last month to enormous amounts of hype. Nas is best known either for his twin classics, 1994's "Illmatic" and 2001's "Stillmatic," or for his legendary beef with fellow New York rapper Jay-Z.

There's still no word on when the next Batson-produced DMB outing might be released, but perhaps we can all look forward to hearing drummer Carter Beauford's nimble percussion work replaced by beatboxing.