New trial lawyers stake a claim

Need to sue someone for a personal injury? Well, you're in luck– yet another law firm has just opened up, and they focus on trial work– including "serious" personal injury litigation, medical malpractice, federal and state criminal cases, and divorce.

It's Roanoke-based Lichtenstein Fishwick & Johnson PLC. No strangers to the area, two of the firm's five lawyers, John E. Lichtenstein and Gregory Lyons, received their B.A.s and J.D.s from UVA.

The firm, which uses a picture of boxing gloves and the motto "Engage in the fight for your rights" on its website, will join the likes of the Chandler Law Group and Michie, Hamlett, Lowry, Rasmussen & Tweel, which also has offices in both Roanoke and Charlottesville and belongs to the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. Michie Hamlett's Greg Webb says this was the first he had heard that Lichtenstein Fishwick & Johnson were expanding.

"I expect that Charlottesville will be blessed with another great law firm to serve them and welcome them to the community," Webb says.

The firm opens its doors on February 1 in the Enterprise Center at 401 E. Market Street.


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Tell 'em to look into "wrongful action" cases against the local police departments. With Debbie "Black Widow" Wyatt announcing her retirement, they could make a small fortune handling these cases alone. :)