Confederacy Museum eyes Lexington

The Washington Times reports that the Museum of the Confederacy may be looking to move from its Clay Street digs in Richmond– next to the Confederate White House, conveniently enough– and instead set up shop in the Lexington area– which is, also rather conveniently, the final resting place of both Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

The museum has been grappling with space constraints for the last few years, in part because it's hemmed in by the giant medical buildings of Virginia Commonwealth University. As a result, tourists often skip it, and it has only been able to display a fraction of its world-class collection of artifacts.

Over in the Shenandoah Valley, the Rockbridge County Courthouse is being abandoned in favor of a newer building, leaving the original 1897 building vacant– and apparently quite attractive to the wayward museum.

Meanwhile, just 15 minutes south of Lexington, the impresarios in the Natural Bridge area have developed some interesting tourist attractions that may provide some critical mass to make Lexington/Natural Bridge more of a destination.

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Why not just move it to Charlottesville?