VDOT rolling in money, not snow

Elsewhere, global warming may be offing polar bears at an alarming rate, but it seems that the mild temperatures Virginia has seen this winter so far may have actually done some good.

Late last year, the Virginia Department of Transportation announced plans to close 87 facilities across the state in an attempt to cut costs. Free Union residents came out with something akin to pitchforks and torches when their lone shot at safe roadways was threatened, and VDOT eventually backed down.

But as it turns out, all that ruckus may not have been necessary. Timescommunity.com is reporting that the unseasonably warm temperatures have spared VDOT from having to do much in the way of winter maintenance, and as a result it has spent only a paltry sum on snow removal during December 2006– 10 percent of the total budget, as compared to 31 percent during the same period last year.