RHCP tickets reach “Higher Ground” on Internet

For folks who managed to snag tickets to tomorrow night's Red Hot Chili Peppers show at John Paul Jones Arena, seeing Anthony, Flea, John, and Chad meant plunking down $58.50 plus fees for any seat in the house. But with curtain-up on the sold-out show fast approaching, fans looking for last-minute tickets will have to pay considerably more.

At 10:37am, a lucky eBay bidder purchased a pair of tickets in section 105, row U for $485, more than four times the face value. In a little more than four hours, an auction will close on another pair, these in the fifth row on the floor. The current high bid on these ducats is $610, more than five times the box-office price.

Craigslist.org has far more posts from wannabe ticket buyers than sellers. In fact, nobody has offered to sell a pair of Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets on the site since last Wednesday, and they are asking $200 for two tickets in section 307. No word on whether complimentary tissues come with the nosebleed seats.



Man, I knew I shoulda bought some tix to this thing! I could be as rich as Croesus Capshaw.

Hah hah on those scalpers. I got some fairly decent seats when JPJ offered them for sale on the morning of the show!!!