Special Report: Dave Matthews still rich

The Dave Matthews Band has been named to Forbes magazine's 2006 list of the biggest moneymakers in the music business.

Hmm, this list looks suspiciously like the concert tour grosses published by Pollstar; however, DMB finished one slot lower, at #10 in the Forbes rankings. Not surprisingly, the #1 spot on both lists was held by the Rolling Stones, who raked in $150 million all told, $138 million of which came from the tail end of the tour for "A Bigger Bang" which sold out a show at UVA's Scott Stadium in October 2005.

It looks like DMB, who played two nights at UVA's new John Paul Jones basketball arena about a year later before opening for the Stones again, could still stand to learn a thing or two from the masters: they pulled in a mere $60 million in comparison.

In 2006, the Dave himself clocked in at #51 on the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful celebrities, which also estimated his income at $30 million – half the band's yearly gross. He didn't place at all in 2005.


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Where does the Coran fit into all this financial mayhem?