Daughtry moves to #1, sells the bejesus out of Starr Hill

Starr Hill has announced that the April 14 homecoming of Fluvanna resident turned American Idol contestant turned rock star Chris Daughtry sold out in seven minutes when tickets went on sale this morning at 10am. By lunchtime, the Craigslist clamoring for tickets had already begun.

The enthusiastic response from Charlottesville concert-goers probably has something to do with the fact that the self-titled album from Daughtry's self-titled band just edged out the soundtrack to Jamie Foxx's new movie Dreamgirls to claim the #1 slot on the Billboard album sales charts.



Weren't you Hook folks making fun of the Daily Progress for writing too many Daughtry stories a while back. Well, who has the last laugh now?

That's funny, as I was reading this entry I was thinking the exact same thing. But ChrisLover beat me to posting something on it.