Cuccinelli wears heart on sleeve

In his corner of the Washington Post's blog site, Marc Fisher took great personal offense to the bill proposed to the state Senate earlier this month by Fairfax republican Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli has said that his Senate Bill 1120, which was introduced on January 9th, is designed to target "scuzzball reporters" who don't give "a flying rat's tail about the condition or feelings" of those facing major personal and emotional traumas. He explained that the bill stemmed from his outrage over an incident in Fairfax last year in which reporters descended on the home of a fallen police officer – while her husband was still in the process of breaking the news to their children. The bill would make unwelcome visitation within one week of such an incident a misdemeanor.

Kudos to the Staunton News Leader for calling a spade a spade: yesterday they named it the "Stupidest Bill of the Session." Of course, that merely raises the asinine threshold for next time.

Kudos also to the Daily Progress, which had the guts to ask, "What about banning “scuzz-ball” politicians, too?"

The bill was killed by a unanimous decision made by the Virginia Senate's Courts of Justice committee, who lambasted it for being unconstitutional and called it "a wholesale attack on the press."

Hook editor Hawes Spencer is reportedly incensed over the whole mess, but we can't bring ourselves to ask him to comment. Maybe in another week...


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Well, it's nice to see the members of the Fourth Estate band together in mutual outrage. Now get working on your pulitzer prize, and stop trying to out-People People mag!