Ski resorts smiling, finally

Ski resorts are smiling again. With the recent run of cold temperatures, Wintergreen Resort now has 17 of 25 runs open. And with 25" of natural snow in less than two weeks, Snowshoe in West Virginia (whose picture is shown here), has opened 50 runs including its famous Cupp Run.

Up near Harrisonburg, Massanutten– which like Wintergreen actually closed for a few balmy days in normally chilly January– now has 10 of its 14 runs open.

Thanks to its battery of snowguns, Wintergreen has had its black diamond Highlands section open for over a week now. But it's the West Virginia resorts which have sucked down most of the natural snow. The Weather Underground reports that Timberline pulled down eight inches of natural in just the past 24 hours.

There's snow in the forecast for all these places late tonight– and a chance of it in Charlottesville too.