Mustangs win ‘Pop Quiz’

With a score of 400 to 330, the team from Monticello High School won the Pop Quiz championship over Woodberry Forest School. The finale to the 25th season of the academic showdown came in a live broadcast from 5 to 6pm yesterday on public television station WVPT.

The winning MHS team– which edged longtime contender Charlottesville High School by ten points in the semi-finals– included a junior and three seniors. “Three of the four team members have been around for several years and have gotten quite a bit of experience,” said coach Barry Keith.

WVPT, based in Harrisonburg, began the competition in 1983. Members of the winning team receive $900 scholarships, while the runners-up get $600 scholarships.

In the photo, we see the MHS team: Katie Albert (senior), Kyle Gardiner (junior), Steve Norum (senior), Catherine Hueston (senior), and Barry Keith (academic coach).

PAST POP QUIZ FINALS (winner shown first):

1983 E.C. Glass vs. Waynesboro
1984 E.C. Glass vs. Woodberry Forest
1985 Charlottesville vs. Waynesboro
1986 Wilson Memorial vs. Riverheads
1987 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. Charlottesville
1988 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. E.C. Glass
1989 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. Wilson Memorial
1990 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. Wilson Memorial
1991 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. Central
1992 St. Anne’s-Belfield vs. Robert E. Lee
1993 Woodberry Forest vs. St. Anne’s-Belfield
1994 Charlottesville vs. Clarke County
1995 Woodberry Forest vs. Charlottesville
1996 Spotswood vs. Buffalo Gap
1997 E.C. Glass vs. John Handley
1998 Charlottesville vs. Robert E. Lee
1999 Charlottesville vs. Harrisonburg
2000 Robert E. Lee vs. Charlottesville
2001 E.C. Glass Charlottesville
2002 Robert E. Lee vs. Woodberry Forest
2003 Spotswood vs. Robert E. Lee
2004 Charlottesville vs. Turner Ashby
2005 Spotswood vs. Turner Ashby
2006 Charlottesville vs. Robert E. Lee

WVPT is a PBS station that broadcasts on channels 50 & 58, on dish at 51, and on Comcast cable on 11 & 12.