‘Weak’ attacker fondles coeds

A white male with short dark hair, described by two would-be sexual assault victims as "weak," is being sought in attacks on women last night in the Corner district. While Police are not certain that the same man perpetrated both attacks, the similarities in description and chronology suggest with a "high degree of probability" that it was the same man.

Charlottesville Police responded to one report by a 21-year-old UVA student that she had left a party at the Satellite Ballroom on University Avenue around 12:30 this morning nd was walking home to her apartment in the 1200 Block of Wertland Street. As she was opening her apartment door, a man grabbed her "in a sexual manner" and tried to force his way inside, according to a Police release.

The woman reportedly screamed, and one of her roommates and the roommate's boyfriend scared off the attacker. The boyfriend pursued the assailant who was described as a white male in his mid- to late 20s, with short dark hair, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt and light colored pants.

The second attack occurred just two hours later when a UVA law student was approached near the Mellow Mushroom restaurant on West Main Street. Police say the man, who appeared to be ¯¿œclean cut,¯¿œ told her it was too cold to be out walking. As he claimed to be walking her towards his car in the direction of Wertland Street in the area of the 13th Street, she changed her mind about going with him and turned back towards University Avenue. The Police report indicates the man grabbed her and forced her up against a vehicle and fondled her.

She was able to break free. She described the assailant as a white male, early 30s, 5¯¿œ 10¯¿œ to 6¯¿œ tall, with brown hair, clean shaven and with a medium build. She believes he was wearing a dark button-up shirt and dark pants.

Police are urging anyone, especially those in the Corner district last night, who have any idea of the man's identity to call Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000.