‘Mad Money’ Cramer comes to Darden

In just over a week, the noise level in the normally serene confines of UVA's Darden School of Business will rachet up a decibel or ten when CNBC's catchphrase-coining, prop-loving, chair-throwing stock analyst, Jim Cramer, comes to Charlottesville for a broadcast of his hit show, Mad Money, the latest stop on his "Back to School" tour. The bulls-and-bears-fest happens at the Abbott Center Auditorium on February 7.

Known for his hyper-animated persona and trademark quips like "booyah!" and "Other people want to make you friends, I just want to make you money!" Cramer is a former hedge fund manager who turned the TV financial news format on its head with his manic persona. Since its debut in March 2005, Mad Money has become a cult favorite well beyond Wall Street.

Unfortunately for amateur stock speculators, fans who want to catch Cramer have to be either a professional or a professional-in-training. The show is open only to Darden students, alumni, and "friends." Students can sign up for tickets next to the mailboxes in the South Lounge tomorrow from 11am to 2pm.



That man is odd.

yet rich!

Charlottesville values personal wealth above all other qualities