Bomb scare dad to testify on bill

The father of one of the teens imprisoned last year during the Albemarle school bomb scare plans to testify tomorrow in Richmond in support of a bill that would ensure that all juveniles interrogated without a parent get a video of the session.

"We're living proof that it really made a difference," says the boy's father, who says he believes the interrogation video shot by Albemarle police was key in convincing a jury that his son had no knowledge of any conspiracy.

"They kept trying to lead him, kept trying to get him to admit something, to say what the other child said was real when he knew it wasn't real," says the father.

Unlike at least two of the other three defendants, who ultimately accepted some form of deal with County prosecutors, this family fought the charges in open court. And won. On August 16, a jury found the boy not guilty of two conspiracy charges.

The decision came too late to save the boy from serving 60 days in juvenile detention and another 60 days of house arrest after his February 1 arrest at Jack Jouett Middle School. He is now a freshman at Albemarle High School.

The bill, HB 1693, was introduced by Arlington Democrat Al Eisenberg into the House Courts of Justice Committee.

The boy and his father are not being publicly identified by the Hook due to the son's age, 13, at the time the charges were levied.


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More power to this father! Bravo!

I still want to know if there's any truth to the rumor that one police officer who testified in these cases is now under investigation by the Virginia State Police for fabricating evidence and committing perjury at the trials.

Anybody associated with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office or the Police Department care to put this rumor to rest? Anybody?