WAHS student’s Gummi incident makes Post

Western Albemarle High School senior Daniel Redinger crept his way into the Washington Post over the weekend with a scant 104 words. The column, "Life Is Short," asks readers to submit short vignettes that give insight into their lives.

Redinger recaps an experience he had while traveling in Germany in which he ran afoul of airport security– over what he claims was an ordinary package of Gummi Bears.

Redinger submitted the piece in December, prompted by an English project that required him to get something accepted for publication. Apparently, he surpassed the school's expectations: "I bought six copies, but I don't know how many they bought... they were laminating them and stuff," he says.

And now the Hook has officially surpassed the word count for the story that prompted us to report in the first place. Sorry about that.