Cavs beat Duke in OT!

singletary.jpgCan you hear the roar? Moments ago, JPJ Arena erupted in celebration as thousands of Virginia men’s basketball fans cheered the Cavaliers' victory over renolds.jpgDuke in overtime, 68-66. In the final two seconds of overtime, Sean Singletary took one more step to becoming a Virginia legend, sinking a two-pointer while literally falling over backwards to give the Cavaliers the win. Thanks to brilliant play by Singletary and J.R. Reynolds, the Cavs pulled out a win despite being ahead only three times during regulation play.

Just last Sunday, the Cavs managed a miracle win over Clemson, manufacturing a 15-point rally in the final minutes to eek out a 64-63 victory. That's the Cavs' fifth straight victory, and two back-to-back nail-biters.

Next, the Cavs play Miami in Charlottesville on Saturday. For the sake of all our blood pressure levels, let's hope they can win it one by more than one or two points!


I'm so happy for this win. It was so exciting some students manage to have a fire in their house, and someone drove through the Just Curry restaurant (aka instant conversion to drive through).

In any event, I'm glad UVA is putting their money where it matters. How is Al Groh doing with his 1.7 million and mediocre record. Perhaps we should hire Nick Saban for 4 million.

Dear Hook,

I am so glad that you are covering sports-- especially Coach Leitao's hot team. I don't know much about sports, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and I did attend the Sunday, January 21 game against Wake Forest. At first, I was dazzled by the fact that Charlottesville cars were careening off the various area roads in the snow. And then I was dazzled by the comfy new "Jack" arena. And then I was delighted when the young sports helpers were shooting t-shirts into the stands. And then some t-shirts started falling from the rafter via tiny parachutes. Oh, yeah. The game was cool too. J.R. Reynolds hit a bunch of 3-pointers, and wound up with 40 darn points as the Cavs took an 88-76 win over Wake. But the crowd seemed unhappy with every "foul" call. The guy sitting next to me said most the calls were legit, even if they did not please the Cavs' or their coach, who got a "technical" at one point. But these Wahoos led for most of the way and earned a proud victory. And this will conclude by report.