Charlottesville #1 in diarrhea (searches, that is)

The Hook owes an eternal debt of gratitude to the Eugene, Oregon-based Register-Guard for inadvertently alerting us to another Charlottesville superlative while writing about their own set of problems.

According to Google's web traffic analyses, Charlottesville may be the most diarrhea-prone city in the country.

Now, this is not necessarily based on grounded, quantifiable medical statistics or lab reports; it's more a seat-of-the-pants analysis: Charlottesville seems to be flush with potty-info seekers- we lead the nation in Google searches of the term "diarrhea."
Now, we imagine this might be due in large part to the scatological fixation of Dave Matthews, and some of it may have just been Boyd Tinsley doing research in the name of damage control, but that's obviously not the whole story.

Come on, people. Must you take your laptops to the toilet with you? That's just gross.

(In case you're wondering, the #1 city for hemmorhoid searching is Memphis. As for searches of "Dave Matthews," the fellow's home city came in #3– with Syracuse and Albany grabbing the top two spots.)


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and in other news...the top city for the searchterm - 'homosexuality' is also charlottesville!