Twice-accused Crawford goes on trial

In 1992, he beat back charges that he raped a previous wife. Today, he goes on trial for murder in Charlottesville, where he allegedly dumped his most recent wife's body.

As detailed in this morning's story in the Daily Progress, Anthony Dale Crawford plans to mount an I-tried-to-commit-suicide-but- accidentally-shot-her-instead defense. Will a Charlottesville jury buy it? A little over two years ago, one Charlottesville jury found "no malice" in an 18-stab-wound streetside killing of a local firefighter.

But in this case there had already been a protective order against Crawford from the woman he shot to death. And if the jury gets to hear about the rape case for which he won acquittal in 1992, his chances of freedom may fade.


•10:15am 68 of the 70 summoned jurors milled in the lobby of Charlottesville Circuit Court, as a secretary tried to round up the other two. The case is expected to eat up at least three days.


I sure would like to be a juror on this case. I wouldn't believe one single word a certain investigator who was working on this case will testify to. They would have a hung jury just because of that one ex-investigator.

It's really sad when we have to base a person's guilt or innocence on certain police officers involved in the case.

Are you saying you would sit on the jury , listen to the evidence, and acquit because of your opinion of exactly one investigator?

I would hope you would answer truthfully when asked if you could listen to the facts fairly and objectively and reach your conclusion of guilt or innocence based on the facts of the case.

Of course I would answer truthfully. And if asked for an explanation I would suggest the judge excuse the rest of the prospective jurors before hearing my explanation. And if still selected I would be a dream come true for the defense attorney.