iPods stolen, lives ruined

Charlottesville police are investigating a rash of iPod thefts from cars, mostly in the UVA area. According to a release, the iPods have been left in plain view, and the perps are using rocks to smash the windows to grab the popular, easily fenced items. One night recently, six iPods were snatched in this manner.

Police did not elaborate on the emotional toll of these stolen devices and the hours– nay, days and nights!– devoted by owners to personalizing the music on them.

Don't leave your iPod in the car in plain sight, even if the door is locked, and if you have any information, call the police at 977-9041.

Photo of podcaster Sean Tubbs by Jen Fariello



Lives ruined? Methinks you're attacking he victim, are you not?

It's probably the same kid busting the Hessian Hills and Canterbury Hills neighborhoods wide open in Albemarle County. He's entered about 40 homes now through unlocked doors and windows when he spots electronics in plain view.

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