Cryin’ over spilt milk on Afton Mountain

A milk truck tossed its cookies exiting I-64 this afternoon around 2:50pm, closing Route 250. "Milk everywhere," is how Virginia State Police Sergeant David Cooper described the frozen dairy scene at exit 99 on Afton Mountain.

The driver, Andrew Moyers, 26, from Harrisonburg, was heading eastbound on I-64 and took the exit "a little too fast," says Cooper.

The driver was not injured, but his liquid load, estimated at 6,500 to 7,000 gallons of raw milk, had officials worried about a clean-up problem if the milk got into local streams. According to a hazmat team on the scene, the milk could change the PH level in the water, affecting fish, assuming they weren't already frozen. Gasoline was drained from the truck, and it was back on all four wheels by 5:40pm.

Moyers was charged with reckless driving.


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Did anyone really "cry" over this incident?