Snow closes all… except murder trial

The snow began falling tonight on the west side of town (where these storms usually start) at about 7:25pm. By 8:30pm, the boys' YMCA basketball practice at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School, just north of the village of Ivy, was ending, and at least an inch of snow had fallen.

As this 9pm through-the-windshield photograph on Garth Road indicates, the snow is sticking. And although school systems are likely to close since the snow is covering thoroughfares, one local project that won't be delayed is the trial in Judge Edward Hogshire's courtroom.

The Charlottesville Circuit Court is currently two-fifths of the way through a high-profile murder trial in which a Manassas man stands accused of killing his wife, among other grisly misdeeds.

Just before 6pm, as court adjourned for the day, the judge told the 12 members of the jury and two alternates that he intended to keep the trial "on track." Hogshire offered all jurors the chance to catch a ride to court tomorrow morning in a City Sheriff's van equipped with chains.

"It's a little unusual," said the judge, "but we really want to keep the case moving."

One juror sheepishly asked if that meant the van would take them home too. Even the usually grim-faced defendant smiled at that question.